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You must register with us by completing this form before attending the workshop.  On completion you will be sent further info and instructions on how to find us on the day.  



Do you consent to photographs of you and your work being used online in our publicity?
Is there anything that may affect your ability to safely participate in a WTF Workshop day? (For example: significantly impaired hearing, vision, mobility or dexterity, epilepsy, diabetes, narcolepsy, pregnancy, recent surgery, medication that causes drowsiness, allergies?)


I have stated my personal information above and I understand that my  participation in a WTF Workshop will involve me in activities which are  potentially hazardous and should be carried out with the utmost care and  attention.  

I acknowledge that I have been given a briefing on WTF’s Health & Safety Policy  which is shown below and that I have read it and fully understand it.


I have disclosed any physical limitations, disabilities, ailments or impairments  which may affect my ability to participate in a WTF Workshop. 

I agree to personally assume all risks connected with a WTF Workshop.  

Signed by Participant 




• To provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for the  Participants and anybody else affected by WTF's activities. 


• To listen to WTF’s Health & Safety briefing and, before participating in any  Workshop activity, seek clarification of any anything which is not understood.  

• To take all reasonable care of themselves and others and to use all relevant  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). 

• To co-operate fully with WTF Tutors in order to maintain a safe and healthy  environment.  

• To immediately report to WTF Tutors any instance where it is thought that  there may be a health or safety problem. 

• To report any accident to WTF Tutors. 


• WTF Tutors are qualified First Aiders having completed an Emergency First  Aid At Work Course. 

• First Aid Kits are available for use by WTF Tutors and by Workshop  Participants. 

• Accident Book entries will be completed by a WTF Tutor in respect of any  accident occurring. 


• Tools & equipment should be used with great care and safety instructions  should be followed when using them. 

• Trailing leads should be avoided wherever possible and all passageways  should be kept clear. This is particularly relevant in order to maintain clear  routes of exit in the event of fire. 

• Electrical equipment is normally safe to use although there is still a  potential danger. Great care should be taken when installing or removing  plugs or in any activity relating to electrical leads or the internal workings of electrical items. Great care should also be taken when carrying and using  water in order to avoid the likelihood of contact with electrical points, plugs,  connections or equipment. 

• Heavy items should be treated with respect when lifting. Back injuries are  common when lifting with a bent back. A straight back is the accepted  method of lifting. 

• Chemicals can be very hazardous in the workshop and the use of safety  glasses, masks, overalls and protective gloves are strongly advised when  handling them. 

• Fire is a potential hazard in the Workshop and flammable items should be  kept well clear of flying sparks, naked flames and welding eqipment. 

• Alcohol and recreational drug use is unacceptable on a WTF Workshop as  they can cut reaction times and may cause normally safe situations to develop  into hazards. 

• Smoking is not permitted on a WTF Workshop.

Thanks for submitting! Please check your inbox shortly for info on how to find us /what to bring etc
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