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creative scrap metal workshop days

Our classic scrap metal day workshop. You can make WTF you like.

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We offer a one day intensive course, suitable for all levels of experience. Consecutive days can be booked if you'd like to do a larger or more complicated project, or if you'd like to deepen your skills to gain a higher level of proficiency.

Throughout the day participants will be shown all the skills and techniques needed in order to complete their chosen project in the time available, with practical, artistic and problem solving advice on hand from us all the way, if needed.

the wild workbench

Child-led tutoring in creative metalwork

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Your child can come with an idea, and learn the practical skills to take home something they an be truly proud of. They can come with no idea, and be amazed at the what they can learn to do. Run by a patient, experienced tutor who loves to support children to develop competence, confidence and a sense that they really can learn to do whatever they want to do.

Kiss my glass

Create a unique and stylish sculpture or lamp from Scrap Metal and Recyled Glass

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Combine the seductive light qualities of recycled glass objects and/ or the colour and texture or stained glass with the contrasting strength and robustness of scrap metal.


Let your imagination run wild to create a tactile art sculpture or lamp you will be proud of for years to come. 

We are able to facilitate the fabrication of both materials.

This course is suitable for individuals at any level of experience in both glass and steel medium.

open workshops

For intermediate or experienced individuals with ongoing projects

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We offer open workshop dates for intermediate or experienced individuals to come and work on their ongoing metalwork projects and/or practice their welding, brazing and fabrication skills. There will be one metalwork tutor to a maximum of 4 individuals in the work-space. These open workshop dates are also suitable for individuals who have already attended a two-day workshop with us (preferably within the last 12 months) and would like to develop their skills further.


One-to-one private metalwork tuition for individuals at any level of skill

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We can offer private tuition classes for individuals who prefer to learn new skills or deepen their existing skills on a one-to-one basis. Everyone is welcome.