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kiss my glass!

Glass Upcycling & Scrap Metalwork

Create a lamp or sculpture using recycled glass and scrap metal


An intensive two-day scrap metal and recycled glass workshop, suitable for all levels of experience. 

The day will start with demonstrations (and some theory) on the tools and facilities available. First of all we will look at what is possible and create some loose designs and then we will be jumping straight in to the scrap metal and glass pile and getting our hands dirty.


You will learn, MIG welding, cutting , grinding, braising and working with scrap metal and found objects.  Glass cutting, drilling grinding, copper foil and stained glass and cold working. How to design and plan your project's work flow.

Throughout the day participants will be shown all the skills and techniques needed in order to complete their chosen project in the time available. We offer practical, artistic and problem solving advice, if needed.

Lamp kits are available for £10 (plug, cable, bulb holder and a choice Edison bulbs).

The course is a very hands-on, student-led style of workshop, where everyone will choose their own project, set their own working pace, and go home having made an item of original hand made creative metal and glass craft.


We have mood boards to inspire your designs and help with some suggestions for anyone who has a creative block on the day. 


There will be a large quantity of interesting pieces of scrap metal. coloured glass, bottles, jars and objects, feel free to bring your own or choose from ours, some are included in the course price. Some extra special pieces may cost a little extra, so do bring cash. There is also a large selection of stained glass scraps to upcycle.


MIG welders (our machines are quite sophisticated and take the stress out of learning to weld)

Plasma cutter (for free free hand cutting on sheet metal)

Angle grinders (the essential tool for cutting and sanding)

Cold saw (for neat cuts in lengths of steel)

Oxy-propane blowtorches (for brazing, heat bending, blueing)

Rollers (curving lengths or sheet steel

Pillar drill (mainly drilling holes!)

We also have many hand tools, air tools, rivet gun and hand drills. We will always do our best to find a way to make your project come together!

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